We are two sisters from Berlin that always had an obsession for Lipsticks. COCOB was born out of this obsession and the idea to provide colors that do not only suit certain skin tones, but look great on everyone.

When creating our line of matte lipsticks we have focused on selecting colors that are timeless and sophisticated. Whether in the office or on the beach - all of our colors are 100% wearable. Our formula will last for hours, so you can live your life without having to worry about smudging your lipstick all over your face :-)

Furthermore, we want to challenge the current perception of the term 'nude'. What is 'nude' for one person, may be quite bold for another. Unfortunately, many cosmetics companies today still ignore the large variety of skin tones.  Our goal is to develop colors that are suitable to a wide range of skin colors - from very light to very deep.